g-lixir Nutritional Info Posted on 3 May 18:13

Per a client's request, here are the labels for the g-lixir regular and vegan brands!




COLLARD GREENS Posted on 6 Mar 14:02

Having grown up in the South, I wasn’t a stranger to collard greens. What I came to realize is that despite their bitter taste, eating collard greens regularly becomes a real game changer. Collards are merely another form of the ever popular vegetable Kale. Folks who want to shed a few pounds will love their low fat, low sodium and low calorie content.

But the truly interesting fact about Collards is while they’re good for you when eaten wholly raw, they are even better for you when blended! So, your weekly supply of g-lixir will likely have more vitamins, protein, antioxidants and fiber from Collards Greens than before it is freshly blended.

People really love Collard Greens for its ability to detoxify the body of ingested toxins. Drinking your Collards is like deploying a team of Special Forces into your system to root out the enemy!

Collard Greens are rich in their history as its robust flavor. Dating back to ancient Greek delicacies, Collards are key component of the Southern cuisine known as ‘soul food.’

We make g-lixir with the idea that it fortifies body and enriches the soul.

PUTTING THE "g" IN JUICE Posted on 5 Mar 03:00

When the time came to give the juice a name, g-lixir seemed like a perfect fit.

GREEN is the color of life. It represents nature, fertility, and renewal. We created this juice with the simple idea of restoring depleted energy and relieving the body of unnatural stressors. Green veggies do all of these things.

GOODNESS is a quality of which we could all use more. One of the greatest life lessons I’ve learned is that goodness comes from the inside. This juice is something good you can do for yourself.

GROW – I believe in the power of change and transformation.

GO – I love having an active and healthy lifestyle.


GREG – It’s my name!

g-lixir. Because great always starts with a little g!