I’m pretty sure that while I wasn’t paying attention, I became one of the world’s very first personal juicers. 

It all started in 2009. I was facing a series of dilemmas. I was losing interest in my crime TV producing career. My fitness routine had become monotonous and uninspiring. Then came a painful break-up. I tried a few  quick-fix diets in an attempt to alter my poor eating habits, but all of them failed. Wihtout knowing it, I had become a full-blown emotional binge eater with the extra pounds of weight to prove it!  One night, I had a moment of truth. I was fed up with myself and what I had let myself become. Enough was enough.

I decided to make juice.

The early days were all about experimentation. I threw everything I could into my brand new emulsifier: collard greens, apples, even onions (bad idea!). I became obsessed with finding the right balance. After months of refinement, and some guidance from nutrition experts, I finally created the perfect blend.

After a few weeks of drinking the juice, I noticed that my energy level was now off the charts. I was moving faster, shedding pounds, sleeping better, and definitely smiling more. Life was looking pretty sexy again!

It was the juice!

My next challenge became figuring out what to do with all the extra juice each day. I started bringing it to the office and passing out samples. Nearly everyone who tried my juice said they liked it for the same reason I did – because it is a powerful force for positive change. It became more than a juice, it became an elixir! Bringing it to the world became my new mission in life.

I named the juice g-lixir.

Soon I was filling orders for my friends, and then my friend’s friends. I guess you might say that day came where I needed choose my path. Except, it really felt like the decision was already made and waiting for me begin the journey. I said goodbye to producing and committed full-time to juicing! 

Today, I personally prepare g-lixir juices for private clients. The kind of juice they’d make for themselves if they had the time.

The experience of creating g-lixir changed me for forever. It has given my life purpose. I invite you to give g-lixir a try and join me on the journey to discovering your best life.

Greg “The Guiceman” Howell

Email: glixirjuice@gmail.com