g-lixir is “raw.” So what?

By definition, “raw” juice isn’t processed or pasteurized. While pasteurization heats fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria, it also kills most of their beneficial enzymes. In other words, pasteurized juice is dead juice! But g-lixir is raw, alive, and ready to fortify your body with many of nature’s best defenses against harmful toxins.


Why is there no expiration date on g-lixir?

Since g-lixir is raw juice and isn’t pasteurized, it should be kept refrigerated and consumed as quickly as the other raw vegetables in your refrigerator.


How long will g-lixir stay fresh?

We’ve noticed that after about 7-10 days, g-lixir’s fermenting fruits and vegetables will affect both its taste and nutritional values. That’s why we like to say g-lixir is best enjoyed within one week of emulsification. Drink it up! We can always make you more!


How should g-lixir be stored?

g-lixir should be capped tightly, and is best-kept refrigerated.


Why is g-lixir so thick?

g-lixir’s many fruits and vegetables are emulsified, not pressed. This way, everything from the fiber to the pulp and even the skin stays in! Emulsification improves your intake of essential vitamins and nutrients, and sets g-lixir apart from most other juices. Some added texture comes along for the ride, so shake it well and enjoy!


How is g-lixir different from pressed juice?

Like g-lixir’s emulsification process, the slow extraction process of pressed juice does not subject its ingredients to heat. It does, however, extract some of the juice itself. Since emulsification does not extract anything from the ingredients, a single serving of g-lixir is usually larger and heartier than a pressed juice! Cold pressed juices are great beverages – g-lixir juices are great meals! (Can we add something here about less sugar?)


I’m pregnant! Is g-lixir for me?

In most cases, raw fruits and vegetables will have a positive influence over prenatal health. We strongly recommend our pregnant g-lixir drinkers consult with a doctor to determine how best to incorporate g-lixir into a healthy diet. Oh, and congrats!


Can I replace a meal with g-lixir?

A single 16-oz. serving of g-lixir is designed to provide you with the nutritional fortification equivalent to one balanced meal, making it very effective for those seeking to limit their daily calorie intake.


When should I drink g-lixir?

Whenever! Seriously! Morning, noon, night or late at night, you can enjoy g-lixir juice any time.


How much g-lixir should I drink each day?